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To Bring You My Love

Posted in Uncategorized on August 17, 2016 by rogerhumanbeing

I was at work and I thought about how PJ Harvey was playing New York soon. I decided to look it up. To my surprise, she was performing tonight! I decided that if it wasn’t sold out, that I would go. I looked it up, and I saw that there were still tickets. I thought about how important her music has been to me over many years. I realized that if I didn’t go, later at night, I would regret it. I went for it, I bought a ticket. After work, I took a cab to Terminal 5 where she was playing. I liked the idea of just spontaneously going to a show, and not trying to get someone to go with me. When I got there, I immediately got a drink, and PJ had already started. I realized pretty quickly that there wouldn’t be good options to be able to see well. I found a spot directly in the back, that I could actually see a bit. PJ looked incredible. Her band looked and sounded great too. I was frustrated with how badly constructed the venue was, but I wasn’t discouraged. I had been there before. I had been in the sound booth once, thanks to my friend doing sound for a show. But this night, I was on my own. I made it up to the third level. I was able to see enough to cry when PJ sang To Bring You My Love. I had two more drinks throughout the show. I was so glad that I was there. I ran into two friends that jumped in a cab with me after the show, and headed downtown to another friend’s club night. When we got there, it wasn’t too crazy yet. We had some drinks, and started to dance a bit. My friends stayed a bit, but left after an hour. I went in the back where they show a hitchcock movie, the theme of the night. There was a younger girl barely dressed in leather dancing. I’ll call her Marisa. I started to dance with her. She seemed like Madonna in her early 20’s. Another girl gestured to me, and I sat next to her. We started talking. I’ll call her Jessica. I did a bump off of her finger. She and some other girls started to leave. She said to come with her. We went to another bar. I ended up with four young party girls. When we got to the other bar, all it took was one girl talking to the door guy, and we went right in. We danced more, but then the bar said that everyone had to leave. When we got outside, some guy approached my friend with the barely leather on. Next thing I knew he was trying to get her into a car with some other guys. I said, this isn’t a good idea, she needs to go home. I got her out of the car. The guy came back to me and said that the other guy liked me, “liked me”, we should all go to their place in Brooklyn. I said, no they need to get home. We got across the street and I looked at Marisa, and I said, don’t get into cars with strange men! We hugged and she said, yes I don’t know why I would even do that. I said, I got you, I’m your brother in the city, I got you. I’ll always get your back. The other girl said, I will get her home. Then Jessica said, how will I get home. I said, I got you. We got in a cab, and we drove to her place. We did a few more bumps in the cab. I liked ┬áher, and the conversation was great. I saw her out, and then told the cab to bring me to my address. As we were driving back, the moon was incredibly bright, and for some reason I thought about my mom, and I cried a little. When I got home, the cab driver looked at me and said, that girl was smart. I could tell by the way that she talked to you. And I said, yeah I’m glad that she got home. Now I’m finishing this writing, and sitting next to my cat, and I need to try to go to sleep.