Cool shit my dad did in spite of the christian influence

My dad loves jazz. He loves big band music. Christian rock? No, for certain a large NO. My dad is down with Johnny Cash. What a big man with a masculine voice. Does my dad want me to tell him what I know about Johnny Cash? NO. For certain, a big no. He wants to tell me, “Rog, he’s manly, the man in black.” Does he want me to tell him about the darkness of Johnny Cash? NO. So let’s get to cool shit about my dad. My dad wears cut off gloves when he drives. He has a police scanner going. Cut off gloves- fucking cool. Police scanner – not cool. What else is cool? My dad psyched on me playing drums. What else is cool? When I became vegan, my dad’s response – YOU’RE TAKING CARE OF YOUR BODY, I get it. What’s not cool? Bible time as a kid. “Rog, no more playing with G. I. Joe’s, I’ve got another tired story about women hating, god fearing bearded men. Remember son, these robes are smelly and worn too often, women have no say.” What is cool about my dad? He bought me Van Halen’s album new release with Sammy Hagar. Why??? Because my mom threw out my Van Halen album with David Lee Roth without his say. Is this cool? I don’t know. There will be more “what’s cool about my dad” entries. MORE is not enough.

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